If it can be imagined, We can create it.

We are not simply a manufacturer, but have the capabilities in-house to take projects from concept all the way to installation. Our 160,000 square meter modern factory employs 1,600 people and houses an entirely vertically integrated production, including fiber and yarn extrusion, wool and synthetic yarn spinning, dyeing, twisting, heat setting, weaving, tufting, and finishing.

For any custom projects, our pre-sales activities include efficient design, sample, and floor planning & estimation services to serve inquiries from customers. Our post-services are also second to none in the industries.


The 'One-stop' Carpet Supplier.

Design Concept & Service

Carpets Inter design studio service is available to help you develop your custom carpet and colour concepts, or to help you modify an existing design from our substantial design and colour archives.  Using the latest 3D technology and our extensive sampling facilities, our professional staff is here to help you turn project vision into a reality.

Sample Service

Sample services for Woven and Machine Tufted carpets are fast and efficient thanks to our computer controlled Kibby and M-tuft sample machines, which produce samples that closely imitate the finished design and colour of your potential carpet.  For Hand Tufted projects, quality samples are produced showing a section of the actual design with the correct colour yarn and quality.

Floor Planning and Estimation

Our experienced floor planning and installation teams can save you the cost of hiring a specialist to plan your project installation.  They can provide you with 3D design visualizations and detailed plans for economical and waste minimized installation.

Fiber & Yarn Production

At Carpets Inter we begin with the best materials, including natural wool fibers from New Zealand and the UK. We also use both in-house and imported man-made fibers and yarns such as nylon, olefin, and polyester. 

Twisting and Heat Setting

Yarn twist and heat setting are extremely important, especially for cut pile carpets. The yarn is first twisted and then heat set to lock in the twist. This combination gives the carpet resiliency, improving appearance retention on the floor.


Our dyeing facilities include computerized color-matching systems. In our continuing effort to minimize our environmental footprint, we have increased our Dyehouse water recycling 30% over last year.

Weaving & Tufting

We are the largest Axminster carpet weaver in South East Asia with over 36 looms. We also produce Woven Wilton, Hand Tufted, Machine Tufted, Carpet Tiles, and Needle Punched Carpets.

Finishing & Inspection

The surface of the carpet can be specifically carved or surface finished upon request. It is an important process for enhancing the appearance and quality of carpets.

Warehousing, Distribution & Installation

Our warehouse has the capability to provide carpet handling and storage for large scale projects.  The distribution facilities can assist with all logistical functions including transportation, inventory control, order processing, and warehousing. 

Our experienced installation specialists can provide detailed plans for a trouble-free installation, minimizing waste and avoiding problems caused by faulty workmanship and improper installation materials.